You Are Beautiful DIY - Let Be Be Finale of Seem

I’ve never been literary… sure I read plenty of fantasy novels and all of Isaac Asimov’s works, but never literary. When I started dating Emily (now my wife) she gave me a reading list. It included all the classics that I should have been assigned to read in high school yet never did, and some poetry. 

I didn't know how to read poetry. Robert Jordan taught me that reading was a marathon and you had to read fast in order to get through all twelve of the 1000+ page books. But poetry is a different race. Each line needs to be unpacked and analyzed. So I started making type compositions as a way of understanding the meaning of the words.

Let be be finale of seem.

That line from The Emperor of Ice-Cream by Wallace Stevens stuck with me, and when Matthew Hoffman asked me to contribute a panel to his You are Beautiful DIY show at Galerie F it seemed like an appropriate sentiment. I always read the omnipresent sticker with an implied “As you are” after.

When read like that it feels like an acceptance of whatever seems to be.